Institutional clients:FINMA licensed

As an independent asset manager with a FINMA licence, 1875 FINANCE offers institutional investors a robust management process that complies with all governance requirements and principles.

Our investment philosophy based on a quantitative asset allocation model, which allows us to neutralise cognitive bias.

In order to minimise the global portfolio risk, we actively manage foreign currencies with the aim of investing mainly in our client's reference currency.

We use risk optimisation and monitoring tools to calibrate the risk/return profile of each portfolio.

Transparencyliquidityquality and cost are the key criteria for choosing investment vehicles.

We take the view that performance is generated mainly by harnessing various market dynamics.

Although we also use quantitative toolsour experience remains the key factor driving performance.

Investment approach

We apply a disciplined and reproducible process to establish an optimal investment schedule for each portfolio based on strategic allocation.

This methodology relies on a systematic analysis of economic and financial variables, factoring out subjective bias and ensuring long-term performance.
At 1875 FINANCE, this unique quantitative tool is used to assist both institutional and private clients.

Stable performance

We therefore offer our institutional clients:

  • An asymmetrical risk profile which reduces volatility.
  • Stable and responsible management that meets good governance requirements
  • Single lines, liquid and transparent investment vehicles to ensure efficiency

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