Recognised expertise at the service of UHNW families

Recognised expertise at the service of UHNW families

Recognised expertise at the service of UHNW families


Multi-Family Office:
Securing the trust of wealthy families

The future of a family estate must be managed with the same care as a business. Everyone agrees that the longevity of a company must be safeguarded over a long period. Everything has to be done to achieve a steady growth and secure for future generations: organization and management, control, profit optimization and cost reduction.

A single point of contact: 1875 Finance Finance has the expertise and the network to provide you with a global service through its highly qualified and dedicated team.
Transparency and communication 1875 Finance helps families identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organisation and promotes interaction between their members.
1875 Finance Multi-Family Office maintains confidentiality and guarantees privacy for families.
Long-term financial planning and consolidated performance reports.
Competitive cost structure due to economies of scale achieved through centralised services asset consolidation.

1875 FINANCE is constantly adapting its offering to include the most recent developments within the following:

- Corporate Office
- Legal Office
- Private Office

The Multi-Family Office offers supports in each of the following steps:

- Identification of specific needs
- Financial situation assessment
- Review of family assets
- Service offerings solutions
- Fee structure
- Strategy implementation and resource allocation
- Reporting and consolidation