Company:Ethics and excellence

Born out of the shared professional experience of its founders working at the same bank, 1875 FINANCE draws on a strong team spirit, resulting in a cohesive approach and a sense of shared responsability for strategic decisions and for providing client service. This spirit also reflects a century-old commitment to Geneva and Swiss values : excellence, open-mindedness, ethics ans respect for fellow team members.


Co-founder, Chairman of the Board

Olivier Bizon

Olivier Bizon began his career as a financial advisor for institutional clients with Paribas (Suisse) SA. From 1992 to 1995, he worked at Credit Suisse Private Banking as asset manager for private and business clients. He then moved back to Paribas (Suisse) SA in 1995 to head the private clients division in Switzerland, and served as a member of the Management and then as member of the Private Banking Executive Committee in 2000. In 2001, he moved to Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA as Managing Director. Six month later, he was appointed to the Executive Board, becoming Head of Private Banking for the bank as a whole. In 2005, he was part of the management team that sold three private banks and an asset management business (SBC Wealth Management AG) to Julius Baer.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE, where he served as Managing Partner and Vice-Chairman of the Board. In 2016, he was appointed Chairman of the Board.

Co-founder, Partner, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Paul Kohler

Paul Kohler began his financial career in 1991 at ELF Trading (formerly Total) in Geneva as assistant to the CFO and controller of crude oil and refined product trading. In 1993, he moved to Paribas (Suisse) SA in Geneva to focus on managing private clients, and was later appointed as a member of Management in 1998.

In 2001, he joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie, a member of the UBS Group, to lead the Swiss management group. In 2005, before the sale of Ferrier Lullin to Julius Baer, he was appointed Managing Director.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE SA along with Olivier Bizon, Aksel Azrac and the Ormond family member François-Michel Ormond and Jacques-Antoine Ormond.

Paul Kohler currently serves as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of 1875 FINANCE.

Co-founder, Partner and Head of the Multi-Family Office

Aksel Azrac

Aksel Azrac began his career as a consultant for leading automobile brands. In 1997, he joined Banque Paribas (Suisse) SA in Geneva, where he co-managed the Parvest fund for Switzerland. Later he resumed his consulting activity. In 2001, he joined Banque Ferrier Lullin & Cie, where he was responsible for a portfolio of Swiss and foreign clients and was appointed to the Executive Board in 2002.

He left the bank in 2006 to co-found 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Manager.

Co-founder, Partner and Head of Asset Management

Jacques-Antoine Ormond

Jacques-Antoine Ormond began his financial career in 1999 at Ferrier Lullin & Cie. Following a move to UBS Warburg and GAM in London, he returned to the Swiss operations of Ferrier Lullin in Geneva in 2001 as a relationship manager. In 2004, he obtained his licence as a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and was appointed as member of to the Executive Board.

He left the bank in 2006 to co-found 1875 FINANCE. In 2011, he was named a Senior Partner.


co-founder, Chairman of the Board (2006-2016)

François-Michel Ormond

François-Michel Ormond joined the family wealth management company Ormond & Cie in 1966 and co-founded private bank Ormond Burrus & Cie in 1971. Until 1998 he sat on the Executive Committee of Banque Cantrade Ormond Burrus. He was appointed to the Board of Ferrier Lullin & Cie, a UBS Group member company, after its merger with Banque Cantrade Ormond Burrus.

In 2006, he co-founded 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Partner until 2011 and as Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2016.