1875 FINANCE was founded in 2006 by five bankers: Olivier Bizon, Paul Kohler, Aksel Azrac, Jacques-Antoine Ormond and François-Michel Ormond, cumulating years of successful teamwork. Since 1875, when the first Ormond asset management company was founded in Geneva, five generations have succeeded to perpetuate a unique know-how and tradition of Swiss asset management. Excellence, open mindedness, high ethical standards and respect towards its teams are core values shared by the partners.

Partner – Head of Legal

Christophe Germain

Christophe Germain obtained his license to practice as a lawyer in 1993 following a traineeship with Maitre Denis Oswald, the former President of the Neuchâtel Bar Association. At the end of 1993, he began working at the fiduciary group Fiduconsult SA as a legal advisor and subsequently was appointed manager of the Neuchâtel branch and head of the legal office for French-speaking Switzerland. He joined UBS SA in April 2000 as a private banking legal advisor for French-speaking Switzerland. In September 2000, he became head of the legal department at Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA, a UBS Group private bank, and was appointed to the Executive Board.

He left the bank at the end of 2006 to join 1875 FINANCE as Head of Legal Office.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Philippe Bouniol

After a Master’s degree in International Management at HEC Paris, followed by a second Master’s degree in Banking and Finance at the University of St. Gallen, Philippe Bouniol started his career in 2015 at Deloitte in Geneva. He worked there for four and a half years as a prudential and financial auditor for major banks and asset managers, developing a solid expertise in finance and risk management. At the same time, he obtained the federal diploma of Swiss Certified Public Accountant (Swiss CPA delivered by ExpertSuisse), allowing him to become a certified auditor.

He will join 1875 Finance in November 2020 as Alternate-COO, before being appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) in September 2021.

Head of Compliance

Heidi Jauch

Following her commercial apprenticeship with Credit Suisse Group AG in Lucerne, Heidi worked for Credit Suisse Geneva during five years. In 1993, she joined Multiplusfinance SA, a multi-family office specialised in the optimisation of asset management of client portfolios, where she worked part-time in order to complete her studies as a fashion designer at the Haute Ecole d’Arts Décoratifs, Geneva. After obtaining her diploma, she pursued her career with Multiplusfinance SA and was appointed vice-director in 2000 and “Head of legal & Compliance” in 2008. She was entrusted with the creation and implementation of a legal structure to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

In 2009, Heidi completed her Master’s degree in Business Law (Maîtrise en droit économique) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva.

In 2010, she joined Dukascopy Bank SA as a Legal and Compliance Officer, where she was, amongst others, responsible for the development and implementation of the compliance program.

In 2016, she joined 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Compliance Officer.

Alternate COO

Michael Corga

Michael Corga began his studies by a Bachelor in Business Administration at HEC Geneva. After his Bachelor graduation, he completed a Master in Accounting, Control and Finance at HEC Lausanne. After graduating from HEC Lausanne, he joins Deloitte as Financial Auditor in January 2019.

In June 2021, he joined 1875 Finance Etat Major as Alternate Chief Operating Officer.

Administrative and Accounting Manager

Dominique Galeuchet

Dominique Galeuchet Giamarchi is an HES Business Economist. In 2015, she obtained her degree in Specialised Accounting and a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Taxation from the University of Geneva in 2018.

She has solid experience thanks to her professional career in various well-established investment banks. At SBS (now UBS after the merger), she held various roles including Recovery Manager and Corporate Client Advisor.

She left UBS in 2015 to take up the position of Administrative and Accounting Manager at SII HOLDING SA, a Swiss subsidiary of a listed French Group.

In February 2018, she joined 1875 FINANCE as an Administrative and Accounting Manager.

Compliance Officer

Antoine Garros

After completing a Bachelor of Laws at Aix-en-Provence University, Antoine pursues his legal studies in Switzerland where he joins Fribourg University to complete a Master of Arts in Legal Studies. Upon graduating, he undertook a second Master in law and economics at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) in Lausanne where he specialized into commercial and financial law.

Upon graduating, he worked for Cone Marshall Suisse Trustee in Geneva as a compliance officer, subsequently joining Ernst & Young as a consultant in the compliance and regulatory department.

He then joined 1875 Finance (Geneva) SA as a Legal & Compliance officer.

Compliance Officer

Elodie Magnin

Elodie Magnin worked for various Geneva social institutions over several years.
She joined 1875 FINANCE in 2006 at its very start, developing her banking knowledge through a number of vocational trainings. She now acts as Compliance Officer under Christophe Germain.

Administration - HR

Dei Mancilla

Dei Mancilla started her financial career in 1987 with Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA and worked within back-office, administrative and third-party asset management departments. In 1992 she became an executive board assistant. From 2001, she worked for the Swiss private clients department under Olivier Bizon.

She left Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA in 2006 for 1875 FINANCE.

Réceptionniste / Assistante

Federica Mazzeo

After graduating as a commercial employee in 2013, Federica Mazzeo had the opportunity to work in Asia with a financial company, which allowed her to get acquainted with the environment and to learn more about the financial sector. After that, she worked in the event industry as a project coordinator and event organizer for two years.

She joined 1875 FINANCE SA in 2019.

Accounting assistant

Duygu Sariyildiz

Duygu Sariyildiz started her career in Administration & Accounting in 2018.  After a few years of practice, she graduated as a certified accountant in 2020 and continued her career in Accounting & Finance.In 2021, she started a Bachelor’s degree in employment at HEG Geneva in International Business Management.

In parallel to her studies, in 2022, she joined 1875 FINANCE SA as an accounting assistant.

Réceptionniste / Assistante

Clémence Terrier

After a three-month internship in 2015 at 1875 FINANCE, Clémence Terrier undertook an apprenticeship at UBS.

She joins 1875 FINANCE again in 2019.